COR Artist Matt Barbot at Pipeline

COR Artist Matt Barbot is having a reading of his play, Princess Clara of Loisaida as part of Pipeline's Bonfire Series. 

Play Description | When José finds out the tales he's been telling his little sister Clara might be true - that she's really a princess from a distant land- he is forced to fight a magical battle for her destiny. 

Details | Thursday, July 14th, 7:30. South Oxford Space, Brooklyn

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COR Artist Charly Simpson's June Announcements

It's a busy June for Charly! Come out and support her work! 

HOTTENTOTTED at Ars Nova | Thursday June 9th at 7pm


 After centuries of speculation, the storied Hottentot Venus finally speaks out and is met with a chorus of contemporary voices on how far we have left to go.

Co-Creator/Dramaturg COLETTE ROBERT



ONE LAST BRUNCH at EST's Youngblood Brunch | Sunday June 2th at 1pm 

From Charly: The time has come for Youngblood to cast off its 30 year old members. As luck would have it, I turned 30 in March and so I am going to be sent out into the real world to be a real, live adult playwright. Before that happens though, I will be doing ONE LAST BRUNCH about how I ended up writing plays in NYC. Directed by Colette Robert with Ngozi Anyanwu & Risa Sarachan.


SCRATCHING THE SURFACE at EST | Wednesday June 15th at 9pm

Directed by Matt Dickson with Cristina Pitter, Eddie Boroevich, Lilli Stein and Sasha Diamond.

From Charly: After my last brunch, I will be having my last Youngblood Bloodworks Reading of my play, Scratching the Surface. It is a darker play of mine so come on out if you like that sort of thing...and come on out if you begrudgingly will deal with it because you want to hear my new play. Directed by Matt Dickson with Cristina Pitter, Eddie Boroevich, Lilli Stein and Sasha Diamond.


I DIDN'T TELL YOU THAT at JACK | Monday June 20th at 8pm

From Charly: My last thing of the month is a solo piece I've written and am performing at the Decent Company's June Show. This month's theme is secrets. I'm talking about my struggles with anxiety and depression with the lovely direction of Illana Stein. It is a very personal show for me and it would be lovely to see some friendly faces in the audience.



Meet Charly E. Simpson

We're proud to introduce Charly E. Simpson as one of our COR' Artists. 

Charly Evon Simpson is a playwright and performer in New York City. Her plays include or what she will (FringeNYC 2012), The Women in Me (FringeArts 2013), Fish Out of Water (The Brick 2015), Happy Anniversary (Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Festival Semifinalist 2015), who we let in (Princess Grace Award Semifinalist), and While We Wait.  Her work has been seen, heard, and/or developed at Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Flea, The Tank, Crashbox Theater Company, Fresh Ground Pepper’s PlayGround PlayGroup, The Skeleton Rep, SPACE on Ryder Farm, and HERE. Charly is a member of the Obie Award-winning group Youngblood at Ensemble Studio Theatre and The Tank’s TV Writing Group. She was a 2013-2014 Philadelphia Dramatists Center Playwright-in-Residence at Plays & Players Theatre. Charly received her A.B. with honors in Theatre Arts and Literary Arts from Brown University, holds a master’s in Women’s Studies from University of Oxford, New College, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Playwriting at Hunter College, studying with Annie Baker and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins.

2nd Reading of Brother to the Missing

Congrats to Adin for a 2nd Reading of Brother to the Missing! 

Cast was as follows: 

Alton Alburo - SILAS TRAVIS
Marlowe Holden - LINDA TRAVIS
Molly Gillis - MOLLY DUNLAP
Shauna Blake - SWENSON
Kim Fischer - JOHN TRAVIS
Tricia O'Toole - MISTY TRAVIS
Chris Ogren - MR. SLINGER
Vincent Van Santvoord - JACK SKEMP

It was great to have y'all there!

The Relentless Courageous

The Relentless Courageous is our Project Incubator Program that fuels the majority of our Unsoft War programming. Each member of The Relentless Courageous has a unique voice and a theatrical talent that we believe is worthy of a full production. By inviting each of these artists to join the The Relentless Courageous, we are signing on to helping them develop a piece with the aim of a full production in the new two to three years.

Each artist is asked to pick a project that they would like to develop with The Unsoft War. After working through our developmental process, we submit their project to our Artistic Committee, which either approves the work for production or asks the artist to further strengthen the piece. Once the piece is approved by our Artistic Committee, we add it to our production calendar and set to making an exciting, innovative, and revolutionary piece of theatre. 

The 2016-2018 class of The Relentless Courageous are: Adin Lenahan, Charly Evon Simpson, Elijah Guo, Leah Ogawa + Linh "Valerie" Pham, and Matt Barbot.


Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War are Proud to Present

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Untameable is a participating member of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. 

The New York Innovative Theatre Awards were organized to bring recognition to the great work being done in Off-Off-Broadway and help create a community base for the estimated 40,000 artists working in the Off-Off-Broadway venue.


An Immersive Diamond Heist

Written by Daria Miyeko Marinelli

Directed by Elana McKelahan

November 4th-22nd, 2015

St Paul's Hall

334 S 5th Street, Brooklyn

Wed-Sun: 8pm

Sat: 2pm & 8pm

Tiered Tickets: $.99 - $15 - $25 - $50 - $99

About the Show

There are things more important than love / Name them / Diamonds

There is a diamond as big as your fist, as heavy as your heart, and touring through Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's time to steal it. Or it's time to keep it safe. 

Pitting diamond heist against museum intrigue,Untameable follows the story of two young women: one trying to repatriate an old jewel and the other trying to keep old nemeses at bay. The audience is free to wander the space and pick which side of the story to follow.Untameable offers an immersive romp between a criminal den and a modern museum, where the audience, like the characters, must decide between love and diamonds, honesty and victory.  Untameable is an investigation into what we will do to achieve our magnum opus and what gets lost in the winning.

Cast Includes:  Vicki Rodriguez, John Racciopo, Denise Yolén, Irene Rivera, J Moliere, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Stacy Salvette, Nancy Ellen Reinstein, Nikita Chaudhry and Ian F. Stewart.

Design Team includes:  Jonathan Cottle (Set), Harrison Densmore (Poster) Megan Estes & Megan Lang (Lights), Andrew Murdock (Props), Matsy Stinson (Costume), Aaron Zick (Sound).

Untameable Press Release Available Here


Praise for Untameable 

From Theatre is Easy:  Settings and stories artfully collide in this immersive saga of love, intrigue, and diamonds. [...] Multifaceted as diamonds and complex and daring as a heist, Untameable is an adventure well worth joining. Read the Full Article Here.

From StageBuddy: Playwright Daria Miyeko Marinelli excellent script is essential to Untameable’s success. [...] Director Elana McKelahan and dramaturg John Raciopo do a wonderful job arranging the story fragments within the performance space at St. Paul’s, making Untameable exploratory yet cohesive.  [...] Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War have crafted a world of magic, mystery, and love; a world that one will want to experience over and over again. Read the Full Article Here.

Untameable in The News:  The Brooklyn Paper       Playwright Daria Miyeko Marinelli on AXS Examiner

Untameable Updates

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The One You Feed

6W, 4M


I call for a new time

A time where there is mercy and kindness

Where we run fast aim true and strike deep

But where make the choices that suit us

We are the two strongest to fight

And we are soon to war

Set in a town, the woods, and the space in between Run Red The Stories tells the story of a world on the brink of war. Diane has run off to join The Wolves, an tribe of women warriors who sign their allegiance to the group by committing an act of violence so despicable they can never return to The Town. The work follows the story of Diane, a young woman on the edge of the woods and the edge of a decision as she grapples with the keenness of choice and the havoc it can wreck. The play is an immersive "choose your own adventure" piece that splits at various junctures of Diane's decisions, allowing the audience to witness various tellings of story based on what they and Diane decide. There is a war to be waged, and what is witnessed is fully up to the audiences' discretion. 

Coming Spring 2017.

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