Meet Our Actors: Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Next it's Cabel, the museum's curator and the diamond's handler, played by the shining Annie-Sage Whitehurst.

Name: Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Hometown: Nyack, NY

Favorite Role to Date: Masha in THREE SISTERS EXPERIMENT, a devised queer reinterpretation of the classic.

Tell Us About Your Character: I've been thinking about Cabel as a wounded heart that keeps waiting- but she would prefer to say she is the top diamond specialist for the Jacoby Institute and watches over the five most valuable diamonds in the world. Cabel is sent to Argentina to protect the diamond- the subject of an upcoming museum exhibit and a stone with a history as heartbreaking as her own.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
Jesus, this is a big question. I guess as a child, I was allowed to play dress up, have a lot of feelings and read whatever I wanted.

Something Untameable: I can tell you what I find unfathomable- that I go to CVS all the time and not once have been scooped up to join Nel and her gang of thieves.

Diamonds or Love: Love, because the diamond tiaras will follow.