Meet Our Actors: Denise Yolén

Right alongside Mina is SamTam, a master jewel counterfeiter played by the equally faceted Denise Yolén.

Name: Denise Yolén

Hometown: Always a New Yorker at heart by way of the Sunshine State.

Favorite Role to Date: A woman named "Giana" from my original production entitled They Do Not Know Me...She’s a bold, unapologetic woman in a desperate search to discover her own personal truths in her love life.

Tell Us About Your Character: She's fiercely independent, quick and direct.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I've always wanted to help people. Initially I wanted to be a doctor, but when I saw people in physical pain- it made me hurt. So I decided, hey I'll be a psychologist. "I'll help people get mentally healthy". Then I saw the Sixth Sense and it terrified me. In the 5th grade I played "Rizzo" in my Elementary School's production of Grease. Seeing how I completely changed people's energy in a positive way solidified my decision to become an actor. I decided I could help people through the medium of entertainment and live performance.

Something Untameable: Passion.

Diamonds or Love: Love. Without love nothing exists. Everything else is an illusion.