Meet Our Actors: Ian F. Stewart

And stealing that diamond from the Boy Prince is Lady Queen, played by the equally magnificent Ian F. Stewart.

Name: Ian Fields Stewart

Hometown: Birmingham, AL (Learn the south before you judge it.)

Favorite Role to Date: I played a drag queen by the name of Marquilyn Monroe in Kyle Jarrow’s Hypochondria. The q is silent because he got sued by the Marilyn Monroe Foundation for using her name. It’s because of gals like Marquilyn and Lady Queen that I have developed one resume for auditioning as a woman and another for auditioning as a man. Ah the social construction of gender…

Tell Us About Your Character: The Lady Queen is a modern day Queen Elizabeth. Ferocious and fearless, she has carved a place for herself history and there is no room for error. She wishes to be remembered as a leader, but fears that love will make her a follower. What will she do? Well join our ragtag group of ruffians and misfits for Untameable and find out!

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I was six years old and, like every young boy, I wanted to be a Barbie Princess for Halloween. My mother took me to Party City and we went to the back of the store to pick out the costume in all its excessive pink taffeta glory. When I requested the dress the costume attendant promptly informed me in her charming southern drawl “Oh honey, that’s a girl’s costume. You don’t want a girl’s costume.” As my mother tells the story, I looked up at her and without missing a beat said “Mom. Let’s go to another store.” Needless to say, I wore the hell out of that dress. However well-meaning, I am not interested in letting anyone else define what I want, who I am, or how I should look. In my art and in my life, I am dedicated to making sure that not only do I live as my most authentic self, but that everyone in our local and global communities has the opportunity to do the same.

Something Untameable: My hair. But, as a queer black man living in these trying times, I am doing my best to decolonize my mind and embrace that fact.

Diamonds or Love: I played Marilyn Monroe. Need I say more?