Meet Our Actors: Nikita Chaudhry

In between Museum and Thieves, there is a Lady Queen and the Boy Prince, who owned the diamond many moons ago. Our delightful Boy Prince who inspired the heist is played by the equally delightful and inspiring Nikita Chaudhry.

Name: Nikita Chaudhry

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Role to Date: Harriet Stanley - The Man Who Came to Dinner

Tell Us About Your Character: The Boy Prince wants to use truth and peace to fight every war. Without saying a word, watch me soundlessly (but fiercely) understand this world in the body of a little brown girl.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I used to get really into playtime with my sisters. We would joke around with each other a lot and I am not only extremely gullible, but also can easily believe in the imaginary. When I was little, my sisters and I loved the computer game Zoombinis. One time, my eldest sister convinced me that our other sister had turned into a Zoombini (they had made one that looked just like my middle sister), when that sister was really just hiding in the closet. I cried for hours, even after both of them said they were joking. It basically explains that I really love my sisters/family humor, I'm pretty sensitive, and I ideally just want to live in Zoombini-land.

Something Untameable: Passion

Diamonds or Love: I'll have one of each, thanks! ‪#‎ShineOn‬