Meet Our Actors: Vicki Rodriguez

To start us off, it's Nel, the mastermind thief out for diamonds and love played by the equally fierce Vicki Rodriguez.

Name: Vicki Rodriguez

Role: Nel

Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

Favorite Role to Date: Dolores from Dolores by Edward Allen Baker

Tell Us About Your Character: Nel wants what she wants, when she wants it. People, places, things.... She is very smart and calculating and is always 15 steps ahead of everyone, whether they like it or not. And let's face it...they mostly like it. She's a serious charmer and a leader and the best thief you never caught.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I broke my collar bone doing a ninja turtle roll after trying to hold back the barking family rottweiler from scaring neighbor kids when I was 7.

Something Untameable: My hair on a humid and/or misty day.

Diamonds or Love: L.O.V.E.