Untameable in The Brooklyn Paper

Reporter Harry MacCormack came to chat with Director Elana McKelahan and Playwright Daria Miyeko Marinelli about their upcoming production of Untameable. 

Here's a brief excerpt from the article: 

Photo Credit: Louise Wateridge

Photo Credit: Louise Wateridge

“What was neat is that the audience gets some choice during the show, you could fully follow one side of the story — the thieves or the security guards — or sort of settle on a favorite character and follow them through the production,” said McKelahan.

The dual structure allows each audience member to have a unique experience, and to see the show more than once, said the playwright. [...]

“I think if theater is going to stay relevant it needs to re-examine how it presents itself,” said Miyeko-Marinelli. “Having it immersive, having it happen all around you, the audience is actually invested in what they’re seeing. It gives the audience agency and makes it unique to a live performance.”

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