Untameable Review: Stage Buddy

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Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Here's a brief excerpt:

Playwright Daria Miyelo Marinelli excellent script is essential to Untameable’s success. Even with audience members putting together fragments of story, Marinelli succeeds in crafting a traditional play structure with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Director Elana McKelahan and dramaturg John Raciopo do a wonderful job arranging the story fragments within the performance space at St. Paul’s, making Untameable exploratory yet cohesive. The entire design team -- Jonathan Cottle (Set), Megan Estes & Megan Lang (Lights), Andrew Murdock (Props), Matsy Stinson (Costume), and Aaron Zick (Sound) -- transform the space into the MAFM Museum, the Turin School’s hideout, and the world of the BoyPrince and LadyQueen. One immediately forgets that the space is a church hall. [...]

And that’s the real diamond. Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War have crafted a world of magic, mystery, and love; a world that one will want to experience over and over again.

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