We Did It! And Thank You.

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Over the course of four weeks, we surpassed our goal of raising $10,000 to pay our artists twice what we'd be able to pay them alone. Thank You. We couldn't have done this without you. 

Here's a Heartfelt Thank You from Daria:  

So, guys. We did it. We raised a lot of money. And This is where I thank You. 
If I were to say doing this play has been easy, I'd be lying. It's a beast of a project, with 10 actors, 3 spaces, and (as always) limited time and resources, with exhaustion but a few hours away and the list of priorities long. 
But there have been many lights along the way (Director Elana McKelahan, our designers, and cast being foremost on the list.) 
And the other bright light has been You: Our Donors. 
Thank You. 
You donate at all hours of the day, all days of the week, and it's been a fantastic joy to see that little ding of an alert pop up on my iphone, telling me someone has been kind. 
Some of you I see weekly, some quarterly, and some I haven't seen since our last mutual graduation. And yet, you've given. You've given financially, but you've also given me hope, and support, and kindness. Making art is hard. Heck, making anything is hard. And you've made art with us. 
Thank you for fighting big hard fights. You honor us by being in our corner. 
Here's to love, here's to diamonds, and here's to you. 

With gratitude that extends beyond the shine of diamonds, we thank our donors: 

Abby Rosebrock. Adam Scott Mazer. Adrian Smith. Alex Loewi. Alex Rosenthal. Alex Shade. Alexandra Hellquist. Alexandra Lubensky. Amanda Glassman. Amos Budde. Amy & Alan Starling. Andrew Chapin. Andrew Evans. Andrew Leber. Antares Szostek. Anthony Staehelin. Ashley Cromwell. Ayelet Brinn. Ben Evans. Cary Fuller. Charly Evon Simpson. Christine Livoti. Claudia Sersanti. Danel Trisi. Danielle Carroll. David Weinreb. David Wilf. Dick Pike. Don Flynn. Drew Madden. Dulcie Arnold. Edlyn Yuen. Ellie Hastings. Eric Sporkin. Estefanía Fadul. Evan Kaplann. Fedna Jacquett. Frank Kwok. Harrison Kreisbergg. Helen Kagan. Henry Liu. Igor Bibermann. Janelle McDermoth. Jessica Fredston-Hermann. Jessie Bear. Jing Xu. Jon Macmillan. Jonah Gray Fabricant. Jonathan Spector & Li Rebecca. Jordan Pisarcik. Joyce Kanyuk. JP Reynolds. Julia Kumari Drapkin. Julie Strandberg. Julie Sygiel. Katherine Lam. Kyle Poyar. Larissa Mattei. Lilleth Glimcher. Linda Magnusson-Rosario. Liz Loerke. Liz Pedowitz. Louise Marin. Lucian Cohen. Madeline DiLorenzo. Maggie Badore. Mara Natkins. Margaret Matsumoto. Mariko Chang.Mary Fortuna. Masumi Hayashi Smith. Matt Garza. Matt Gelfand. Mauro Marinelli. Mia Chung. Michael Morgenstern. Michelle Meyers. Molly Isenbarger.Monica Huang. Monica Willey. Mufalda Marinelli. Natasha Wit. Nathan Duckles.Nicole Ciomek and Ross Centers. Pablo Meier. Peter Marinelli. Philip Gates.Ricardo Castiglione. Robert Kuang. Ryan Brewer. Sarah Cocuzzo. Scott Geller.Spencer Brody. Spencer Cromwell Stefan Hartmann. Steve Shulman. Susannah Winspear Hallagan. Ted Cava. Ted & Carol Matsumoto. Teresa Ting. Tess Avitabile.Tim O'Donnell. Victoria Reyz. Yuri Hart.