The One You Feed

6W, 4M


I call for a new time

A time where there is mercy and kindness

Where we run fast aim true and strike deep

But where make the choices that suit us

We are the two strongest to fight

And we are soon to war

Set in a town, the woods, and the space in between Run Red The Stories tells the story of a world on the brink of war. Diane has run off to join The Wolves, an tribe of women warriors who sign their allegiance to the group by committing an act of violence so despicable they can never return to The Town. The work follows the story of Diane, a young woman on the edge of the woods and the edge of a decision as she grapples with the keenness of choice and the havoc it can wreck. The play is an immersive "choose your own adventure" piece that splits at various junctures of Diane's decisions, allowing the audience to witness various tellings of story based on what they and Diane decide. There is a war to be waged, and what is witnessed is fully up to the audiences' discretion. 

Coming Spring 2017.

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