The Relentless Courageous

The Relentless Courageous is our Project Incubator Program that fuels the majority of our Unsoft War programming. Each member of The Relentless Courageous has a unique voice and a theatrical talent that we believe is worthy of a full production. By inviting each of these artists to join the The Relentless Courageous, we are signing on to helping them develop a piece with the aim of a full production in the new two to three years.

Each artist is asked to pick a project that they would like to develop with The Unsoft War. After working through our developmental process, we submit their project to our Artistic Committee, which either approves the work for production or asks the artist to further strengthen the piece. Once the piece is approved by our Artistic Committee, we add it to our production calendar and set to making an exciting, innovative, and revolutionary piece of theatre. 

The 2016-2018 class of The Relentless Courageous are: Adin Lenahan, Charly Evon Simpson, Elijah Guo, Leah Ogawa + Linh "Valerie" Pham, and Matt Barbot.