We Did It! And Thank You.

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Over the course of four weeks, we surpassed our goal of raising $10,000 to pay our artists twice what we'd be able to pay them alone. Thank You. We couldn't have done this without you. 

Here's a Heartfelt Thank You from Daria:  

So, guys. We did it. We raised a lot of money. And This is where I thank You. 
If I were to say doing this play has been easy, I'd be lying. It's a beast of a project, with 10 actors, 3 spaces, and (as always) limited time and resources, with exhaustion but a few hours away and the list of priorities long. 
But there have been many lights along the way (Director Elana McKelahan, our designers, and cast being foremost on the list.) 
And the other bright light has been You: Our Donors. 
Thank You. 
You donate at all hours of the day, all days of the week, and it's been a fantastic joy to see that little ding of an alert pop up on my iphone, telling me someone has been kind. 
Some of you I see weekly, some quarterly, and some I haven't seen since our last mutual graduation. And yet, you've given. You've given financially, but you've also given me hope, and support, and kindness. Making art is hard. Heck, making anything is hard. And you've made art with us. 
Thank you for fighting big hard fights. You honor us by being in our corner. 
Here's to love, here's to diamonds, and here's to you. 

With gratitude that extends beyond the shine of diamonds, we thank our donors: 

Abby Rosebrock. Adam Scott Mazer. Adrian Smith. Alex Loewi. Alex Rosenthal. Alex Shade. Alexandra Hellquist. Alexandra Lubensky. Amanda Glassman. Amos Budde. Amy & Alan Starling. Andrew Chapin. Andrew Evans. Andrew Leber. Antares Szostek. Anthony Staehelin. Ashley Cromwell. Ayelet Brinn. Ben Evans. Cary Fuller. Charly Evon Simpson. Christine Livoti. Claudia Sersanti. Danel Trisi. Danielle Carroll. David Weinreb. David Wilf. Dick Pike. Don Flynn. Drew Madden. Dulcie Arnold. Edlyn Yuen. Ellie Hastings. Eric Sporkin. Estefanía Fadul. Evan Kaplann. Fedna Jacquett. Frank Kwok. Harrison Kreisbergg. Helen Kagan. Henry Liu. Igor Bibermann. Janelle McDermoth. Jessica Fredston-Hermann. Jessie Bear. Jing Xu. Jon Macmillan. Jonah Gray Fabricant. Jonathan Spector & Li Rebecca. Jordan Pisarcik. Joyce Kanyuk. JP Reynolds. Julia Kumari Drapkin. Julie Strandberg. Julie Sygiel. Katherine Lam. Kyle Poyar. Larissa Mattei. Lilleth Glimcher. Linda Magnusson-Rosario. Liz Loerke. Liz Pedowitz. Louise Marin. Lucian Cohen. Madeline DiLorenzo. Maggie Badore. Mara Natkins. Margaret Matsumoto. Mariko Chang.Mary Fortuna. Masumi Hayashi Smith. Matt Garza. Matt Gelfand. Mauro Marinelli. Mia Chung. Michael Morgenstern. Michelle Meyers. Molly Isenbarger.Monica Huang. Monica Willey. Mufalda Marinelli. Natasha Wit. Nathan Duckles.Nicole Ciomek and Ross Centers. Pablo Meier. Peter Marinelli. Philip Gates.Ricardo Castiglione. Robert Kuang. Ryan Brewer. Sarah Cocuzzo. Scott Geller.Spencer Brody. Spencer Cromwell Stefan Hartmann. Steve Shulman. Susannah Winspear Hallagan. Ted Cava. Ted & Carol Matsumoto. Teresa Ting. Tess Avitabile.Tim O'Donnell. Victoria Reyz. Yuri Hart. 


Untameable Review: Stage Buddy

Check out our 2nd Review from Stage Buddy!

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Here's a brief excerpt:

Playwright Daria Miyelo Marinelli excellent script is essential to Untameable’s success. Even with audience members putting together fragments of story, Marinelli succeeds in crafting a traditional play structure with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Director Elana McKelahan and dramaturg John Raciopo do a wonderful job arranging the story fragments within the performance space at St. Paul’s, making Untameable exploratory yet cohesive. The entire design team -- Jonathan Cottle (Set), Megan Estes & Megan Lang (Lights), Andrew Murdock (Props), Matsy Stinson (Costume), and Aaron Zick (Sound) -- transform the space into the MAFM Museum, the Turin School’s hideout, and the world of the BoyPrince and LadyQueen. One immediately forgets that the space is a church hall. [...]

And that’s the real diamond. Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War have crafted a world of magic, mystery, and love; a world that one will want to experience over and over again.

The Full Article Can Be Found Here. 

Untameable Review: Theatre is Easy

Our First Review is Up! See what Theatre is Easy has to say: 

Untameable’s choose-your-own-path setup works extremely well for the show’s stylistic and thematic purposes, but it can at times breed confusion as audience members scramble to piece together the bits of information we receive. That said, I was thoroughly impressed with Elana McKelahan’s direction, and commend her seamless orchestration of the show’s various moving parts. Multifaceted as diamonds and complex and daring as a heist, Untameable is an adventure well worth joining.

Full Review Can Be Found Here. 

We Open Tonight!

Here we go, ladies (and Jym): The Final Launch into the Atmosphere. 

We open tonight. Come see the big, impossible thing we've been working on! We can't wait to see you there. 

Tickets: Untameable.bpt.me

Meet Our Actors: John Racioppo

Right alongside SamTam is Jym, the driver who gets the thieves out of the museum and us into the play. We open tomorrow! Come see Untameable, featuring many including the fast driving, quick talking John Racioppo as Jym.

Name: John Racioppo

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Favorite Role to Date: Judas in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Tell Us About Your Character: Jym is the getaway driver for the thieves. He's dating SamTam, he's in love with Nel, and he hates stealing things. Go figure.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
Back in the days when I was playing a lot of baseball, there was this one game where a ball was hit in my direction, I chased it down, dove, and it just hit my glove and got by me. It was nearly a terrific play, but I had just missed it. On the drive home, I remember my Dad said it was pretty impressive, but "if you can touch it, you can catch it". Like all good sports metaphors, I think it's damn good advice both on the field and off the field; at my best, I'm always extending myself a little further to see how far I can reach.

Something Untameable: The lame answer is New York City, but any place that lets me drink until 4:00am and then cap the night off with a 99 cent slice of pizza ain't taking orders from nobody.

Diamonds or Love: Love... Diamonds look silly on dudes.

Meet Our Actors: Denise Yolén

Right alongside Mina is SamTam, a master jewel counterfeiter played by the equally faceted Denise Yolén.

Name: Denise Yolén

Hometown: Always a New Yorker at heart by way of the Sunshine State.

Favorite Role to Date: A woman named "Giana" from my original production entitled They Do Not Know Me...She’s a bold, unapologetic woman in a desperate search to discover her own personal truths in her love life.

Tell Us About Your Character: She's fiercely independent, quick and direct.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I've always wanted to help people. Initially I wanted to be a doctor, but when I saw people in physical pain- it made me hurt. So I decided, hey I'll be a psychologist. "I'll help people get mentally healthy". Then I saw the Sixth Sense and it terrified me. In the 5th grade I played "Rizzo" in my Elementary School's production of Grease. Seeing how I completely changed people's energy in a positive way solidified my decision to become an actor. I decided I could help people through the medium of entertainment and live performance.

Something Untameable: Passion.

Diamonds or Love: Love. Without love nothing exists. Everything else is an illusion.

Untameable Outreach Show

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

Photo Credit: Kabir Chopra

The Unsoft War is excited to announce that Untameable will be hosting a Community Outreach Show on November 11th, at 8:00pm, where all tickets are only $.99 cents.

We believe that to revolutionize the theater scene, we must diversify in terms of the stories we tell, the bodies chosen to tell the stories, and the people we welcome into our world to share our work with us. By charging only $.99, we hope to open up our theatrical doors and begin to change the landscape of who is able to see (and eventually make) work. 

We welcome you to come see our show for a steal. 

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015. 8:00pm. 

Tickets Can Be Found Here. 

Untameable in The Brooklyn Paper

Reporter Harry MacCormack came to chat with Director Elana McKelahan and Playwright Daria Miyeko Marinelli about their upcoming production of Untameable. 

Here's a brief excerpt from the article: 

Photo Credit: Louise Wateridge

Photo Credit: Louise Wateridge

“What was neat is that the audience gets some choice during the show, you could fully follow one side of the story — the thieves or the security guards — or sort of settle on a favorite character and follow them through the production,” said McKelahan.

The dual structure allows each audience member to have a unique experience, and to see the show more than once, said the playwright. [...]

“I think if theater is going to stay relevant it needs to re-examine how it presents itself,” said Miyeko-Marinelli. “Having it immersive, having it happen all around you, the audience is actually invested in what they’re seeing. It gives the audience agency and makes it unique to a live performance.”

The Full Article Can Be Found Here. 


Meet Our Actors: Irene Rivera

Keeping an eye on Majo is Mina, a look-a-like mastermind played by the fantastically suave Irene Rivera.

Name: Irene Rivera

Hometown: Castle Hill. Bronx, NY.

Favorite Role to Date: *** Nurse in Death of Bessie Smith, Edward Albee

Tell Us About Your Character: Mina is an impulsive passionate lover with an overwhelming curiosity. An absorber of information and master of imitation.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
As a child, I tried not to let anyone see me cry. My inherited pride was strong at a very young age. Yet I remember that I always admired actors who were so vulnerable on stage and on camera. So, I bravely joined an acting class. One day, in class, I was in 7th grade, we were being introduced to sense memory, and my teacher called me up to the chair... I had never been so terrified in my life, thus far. As my teacher began to guide me through the process I felt the walls of my guarded self slowly crumbling down. I had publicly shared a very intimate story, while weeping uncontrollably in front of about 20 strangers. It was the most out of body experience I had ever had. And I knew then, that this art, was something I wanted to live for.

Something Untameable: My curly hair.

Diamonds or Love: Love. Always love.

Meet Our Actors: Stacy Salvette

Much like the Lady Queen, Majo, played by the commanding Stacy Salvette, also has an eye to diamonds and the empire of a Museum.

Name: Stacy Salvette

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Favorite Role to Date: Last year playing Andre' in Three Sisters also directed by Elana McKelahan with The Highly Impractical Theatre.

Tell Us About Your Character: Majo is a force of a nature, as strong and brilliant as the diamonds she curates. A passionate woman with a penchant for art, tango, and beauty. An honor and a joy to play such a strong, dynamic woman who takes charge of her destiny and is fearless.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor: The first thing that comes to mind as a child is belting out Wayne Newton's "Danke Schoen" in the back of my Grandma Irene's white Cadillac winding through the mountains of North Carolina on the way to her lake house. An old soul that loves to sing out the classics with nature as my backdrop with my family as company. An idyllic childhood memory I hold close that might explain some part of myself.

Something Untameable: Life, the only dance there is. A life well lived, is a life untamed!

Diamonds or Love: LOVE. Always. LOVE is all there is.

Meet Our Actors: Ian F. Stewart

And stealing that diamond from the Boy Prince is Lady Queen, played by the equally magnificent Ian F. Stewart.

Name: Ian Fields Stewart

Hometown: Birmingham, AL (Learn the south before you judge it.)

Favorite Role to Date: I played a drag queen by the name of Marquilyn Monroe in Kyle Jarrow’s Hypochondria. The q is silent because he got sued by the Marilyn Monroe Foundation for using her name. It’s because of gals like Marquilyn and Lady Queen that I have developed one resume for auditioning as a woman and another for auditioning as a man. Ah the social construction of gender…

Tell Us About Your Character: The Lady Queen is a modern day Queen Elizabeth. Ferocious and fearless, she has carved a place for herself history and there is no room for error. She wishes to be remembered as a leader, but fears that love will make her a follower. What will she do? Well join our ragtag group of ruffians and misfits for Untameable and find out!

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I was six years old and, like every young boy, I wanted to be a Barbie Princess for Halloween. My mother took me to Party City and we went to the back of the store to pick out the costume in all its excessive pink taffeta glory. When I requested the dress the costume attendant promptly informed me in her charming southern drawl “Oh honey, that’s a girl’s costume. You don’t want a girl’s costume.” As my mother tells the story, I looked up at her and without missing a beat said “Mom. Let’s go to another store.” Needless to say, I wore the hell out of that dress. However well-meaning, I am not interested in letting anyone else define what I want, who I am, or how I should look. In my art and in my life, I am dedicated to making sure that not only do I live as my most authentic self, but that everyone in our local and global communities has the opportunity to do the same.

Something Untameable: My hair. But, as a queer black man living in these trying times, I am doing my best to decolonize my mind and embrace that fact.

Diamonds or Love: I played Marilyn Monroe. Need I say more?

Meet Our Actors: Nikita Chaudhry

In between Museum and Thieves, there is a Lady Queen and the Boy Prince, who owned the diamond many moons ago. Our delightful Boy Prince who inspired the heist is played by the equally delightful and inspiring Nikita Chaudhry.

Name: Nikita Chaudhry

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Role to Date: Harriet Stanley - The Man Who Came to Dinner

Tell Us About Your Character: The Boy Prince wants to use truth and peace to fight every war. Without saying a word, watch me soundlessly (but fiercely) understand this world in the body of a little brown girl.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I used to get really into playtime with my sisters. We would joke around with each other a lot and I am not only extremely gullible, but also can easily believe in the imaginary. When I was little, my sisters and I loved the computer game Zoombinis. One time, my eldest sister convinced me that our other sister had turned into a Zoombini (they had made one that looked just like my middle sister), when that sister was really just hiding in the closet. I cried for hours, even after both of them said they were joking. It basically explains that I really love my sisters/family humor, I'm pretty sensitive, and I ideally just want to live in Zoombini-land.

Something Untameable: Passion

Diamonds or Love: I'll have one of each, thanks! ‪#‎ShineOn‬

Meet Our Actors: Nancy Ellen Reinstein

Keeping tabs on Astrid is Belen, played by the equally determined and powerful Nancy Ellen Reinstein.

Name: Nancy Ellen Reinstein

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Favorite Role to Date: Audrey, Little Shop of Horrors

Tell Us About Your Character: I play the bad-ass head of museum security. I like being in charge because I trust no one. And I don't suffer fools. Don't mess with me.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor: I always knew I wanted to be a singer. The acting came along with it. I used to run around my living room, jumping on and off furniture, while listening to and singing along with the Canadian cast recording of The Phantom of the Opera and the Aladdin soundtrack. I realize that's not so much a story as it is a fun fact about me, but there you have it. I've always known I wanted to be a performer, and I have no intentions of giving up on that. "All I gotta do is juuuuump."

Something Untameable: The MTA

Diamonds or Love: Love. Absolutely. But diamonds are nice too.

Meet Our Actors: J Moliére

On the heels of Cabel, is Astrid- an ex-thief turned "honest" (because has she, really?) played by the equally charming J Moliere.

Name: J Moliere

Hometown: Brooklyn

Favorite Role to Date: This One

Tell Us About Your Character: I often describe Astrid as a kind of Bart Simpson disciple, all heart with a badass exterior. Despite her criminal record she is a woman of her word, a lonesome punk who puts the "gritty" in integrity. Everything she owns has claw marks in it and her hands shake when wrapped around a pistol. She can never quite get used to the ease with which everything and everyone always goes away.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor: 
When "Aladdin" came out in theaters my dad brought me to see it. This was the first time I had gone to a movie theater so I was accordingly pretty pumped. As "A Whole New World" starts, I decisively stand in my chair and start to sing along. Granted, this is the first time I've heard this song; this is the first time anyone's heard it in fact. I proceed to loudly improvise to what I'm guessing are the actual lyrics. I am confused when my dad hastily pulls me down and shushes me. 
Shameless since day one.

Something Untameable: Nothing is untameable.

Diamonds or Love: I'm a selfish fool, so I'll have to go with Love.

Meet Our Actors: Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Next it's Cabel, the museum's curator and the diamond's handler, played by the shining Annie-Sage Whitehurst.

Name: Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Hometown: Nyack, NY

Favorite Role to Date: Masha in THREE SISTERS EXPERIMENT, a devised queer reinterpretation of the classic.

Tell Us About Your Character: I've been thinking about Cabel as a wounded heart that keeps waiting- but she would prefer to say she is the top diamond specialist for the Jacoby Institute and watches over the five most valuable diamonds in the world. Cabel is sent to Argentina to protect the diamond- the subject of an upcoming museum exhibit and a stone with a history as heartbreaking as her own.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
Jesus, this is a big question. I guess as a child, I was allowed to play dress up, have a lot of feelings and read whatever I wanted.

Something Untameable: I can tell you what I find unfathomable- that I go to CVS all the time and not once have been scooped up to join Nel and her gang of thieves.

Diamonds or Love: Love, because the diamond tiaras will follow.

Meet Our Actors: Vicki Rodriguez

To start us off, it's Nel, the mastermind thief out for diamonds and love played by the equally fierce Vicki Rodriguez.

Name: Vicki Rodriguez

Role: Nel

Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

Favorite Role to Date: Dolores from Dolores by Edward Allen Baker

Tell Us About Your Character: Nel wants what she wants, when she wants it. People, places, things.... She is very smart and calculating and is always 15 steps ahead of everyone, whether they like it or not. And let's face it...they mostly like it. She's a serious charmer and a leader and the best thief you never caught.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
I broke my collar bone doing a ninja turtle roll after trying to hold back the barking family rottweiler from scaring neighbor kids when I was 7.

Something Untameable: My hair on a humid and/or misty day.

Diamonds or Love: L.O.V.E.


We're Fundraising!

We believe in making innovative, accessible work that pays its artists. Yet, to do that, we need your help. We're aiming to raise $10,000 to pay our artists twice what we'd be able to pay them alone. We ask that you take a moment and Donate Today. 


Below is our Our Fundraising Video from Daria & Elana: