THTR is a theatre incubator dedicated to changing the who, what, and how of Usonian* Theatre. 

We are committed to expanding the experience, scope, and demographic of Usonian Theatre by spearheading initiatives that widen the range of stories we tell, the audiences we welcome, the actors we employ, and the experiences that we call theatre.  Whether that be through theatrical productions, artist development, community-building, or artist education, we are looking to make change that will challenge and further enrich our national theatrical landscape. 


*Usonian: of or relating to the United States

Our Current Programs

3263 is our producing entity which produces work that highlights untold stories, innovative theatrics, and underrepresented demographics.

Upstart is our Artist-in-Residence program which helps support our artists in process from getting from a first draft to a final production. 

TPN (Theatre Producer's Network) is a way for producers nationwide to connect, collaborate, and commiserate over the process of making work.