What TPN Membership Includes

Monthly Email Digest

At the top of the month we’ll send out a query on a specific producing topic. Members email back with their top three best practices, which are collated and sent out mid-month to all participants to foster the sharing ideas of practices. The letter also provides a way to spark conversation at our Monthly Happy-Hour.

Invite to Monthly Happy-Hour

At the heart of our programming is our Monthly Happy Hour, where we descend upon a local bar, meet, greet, and chat about what's on our mind and what's going up on our stages. Theatre is driven by people, and this is a meeting of those who seek to drive thought-worthy and landscape-changing theatre. 

THTR Publicity

As a TPN Members, you’re automatically part of the THTR network. We’ll happily promote and push any news, e-blasts, or ticket offers your company might have to our network and Social Media Channels.

Ongoing Community and Support

As a TPN Members, we agree to help support each other's work through advice, connections, discussions, and cross-promotions. While exact details are worked out on a company to company basis, we offer the forum of a community for all members to assist and support each other.

TPN Members

Theatre Companies


Independent Producers



Membership is currently on an invitational basis.  For more info, contact tpn@thtr-us.org.